Virtues Make You…

Rosehill School aims at inculcating virtues which will help students strive to be better persons, and thus be of greater service to others, and to society as a whole.

Students are assessed in the following areas for deportment:

CONCERN FOR OTHERS. This is manifested in the practice of courtesy, respect forauthority and peers, spirit of service, modesty, refinement, kindness when dealing with students, teachers, staff, school leaders and others

STRENGTH OF CHARACTER. This can be seen in a student’s self-discipline, consistency, obedience, positive disposition, integrity.

WORK HABITS. Good work habits such as attentiveness, punctuality, neatness, sense of responsibility, diligence, initiative are inculcated in students, especially through the mentoring system.

SOCIABILITY. Students are evaluated in their ability to get along well with others, flexibility, leader-follower consistency.

To form students in virtue, a “Virtue of the Month” is explained by Class Advisers and they give them specific examples of how students can practice virtues such as diligence, generosity, cheerfulness, love for God, fairness, friendliness and others. The virtue of the month is further concretized down to the personal level during mentoring chats.

Apart from these, PAREF schools inculcate these values in students (photo-banners)

Service makes you touch lives…
Diligence makes you a genius…
Punctuality makes you achieve your dreams
Passion for excellence makes you a life success.
Modesty makes you more beautiful