“Thank you Ms. Trinky and to the whole PAREF Rosehill community. Edmer and I are thankful that we sent our girls to PAREF, truly one of the best educators ever. We will always be grateful that you are our partners in taking care of our daughters not only academically but socially and spiritually. Everyone is kind and amazing. Thank you and may God continue to bless and keep PAREF safe and full of love."
Pam and Edmer Jimenez
“It’s always been an honor and a real privilege to have been part of the Rosehill family. First as a parent, then as a parent coordinator, next as a board member, and finally as its Chairman of the board (he stepped down as Chairman 7 years ago when he relocated to the US).

I really enjoyed my many years in Rosehill. Whether it was as simple as competing with fellow parents in the fun of the Family Day games, or making tough financial policy decisions at the board, I’ve always had so much pride in being part of this wonderful PAREF school that provides young women with the atmosphere, the academic development, and holistic values formation to be the kind of leaders our country needs for tomorrow. And even today, I understand that there are already some graduates who have made their marks in society, forming many others with the same values they’ve learned in their years in Rosehill.”
Mr. Danny Moran
“I enrolled my daughters in Rosehill because I had a high regard for PAREF graduates who worked at IBM. They were pleasant, hardworking and handled themselves well. Rosehill is known for the values instilled in the students and of provision of home-school collaboration.

Right now I can really see the effects of Rosehill culture and education on my daughters. They are growing up with the proper values in place and have been excelling academically.”
Mr. Vic Reyes
“The family atmosphere is very evident in Rosehill. Rosehill teachers are not just mentors, but friends our daughters can approach for non-school issues. Schoolmates from different levels are “Ates” or “younger sisters” and classmates become very good friends a student can really treasure..…The location might seem far but to us it is the perfect setting for learning and growing.

We saw our daughter’s leadership potential tapped and constantly nurtures. She continues to take on the challenge of being a student leader and a good student that Rosehill can be proud of. When she came to Rosehill at age 8, she was shy and quiet. We know she is smart and enjoys books, piano, writing, arts and crafts – but in the past eight years, we have seen her not only excelling in these, but most importantly, enjoying and relishing them with family and friends.”
Caloy and Tina Esguerra
“Mom, I want to be a saint!” This expression of our 9 -year old daughter summarizes the impact of Rosehill culture to our daughters and to the whole family as well….We tell our Andee, it’s hard to be a saint…but we can surely work for it, together as a family. And we thank Rosehill…because sending them there gets half of the job done…”
Pem and Grace Brizuela