The mentoring system is the main channel through which home-school collaboration is facilitated.

Students are followed up individually by a school staff member called a Mentor. Through periodic conversations with the child and her parents, the Mentor helps the student assimilate the intellectual and moral formation imparted by the school, and thus helps the student develop into a mature and responsible individual. The Mentor in effect is an older friend in whom the student confides, and with whom she relates in complete and responsible freedom.

Our mentors do their best to form young minds and hearts. Conscious of their pivotal role in promoting home-school collaboration, they first seek to acquire the Christian ideals they wish to instill in their students. They also value and pursue continuous professional development as mentors. With dedication and patience, they strive to acquire a deep and thorough knowledge of their mentees, so as to form each mentee in the proper values.Through their amiability, warmth, and understanding,they gain the confidence of their mentees and the parents. They are effective contributors to family solidarity.

What Students Say…

“I get to talk about my family and studies. She helps me by motivating me in my studies. She helps me in my spiritual life and to improve my relationship with God.”
Betina Sales Rosehill Alumna
“Mentoring helps us form our character and when we have done something wrong,the mentors will correct us in a good way. They teach us the virtues that we can live.”
Gabrie Cordero
“They help us when we have problems.”
KC Borja
“They encourage us to be better and not to give up.”
Yani Marinas
“I like mentoring because I can be a good girl.”
Juliana Ferrer
“We talk about being obedient and being a good girl.”
Baci Piencenaves