School Seal and Song


• The GOLD COLOR shows the value encompassing the education the school provides.
• The BLUE BACKGROUND refers to the nobility of the undertaking.
• The VINTA (an ancient Filipino watercraft) symbolizes the role of the school in every student’s journey towards a life of knowledge and wisdom.
• The THREE STARS symbolize the guiding principles in the PAREF Rosehill education: parents, teachers and students.
• The GREEN HILL signifies the fertile hills of Antipolo and the arduous but worthwhile climb in the quest for excellence.
• The RED BACKGROUND signifies the school’s affinity to life, living it vibrantly while nurturing others.
• The TWO ROSES signify femininity and strength. The big and small roses symbolize genuine sisterhood in Rosehill.

Composed by: Ma. Margarita P. Leon, Ma. Mercedes Victoria M.
Tanchuling and Marisa Marin
Music by: Marisa Marin

Alma Mater Hymn

Rosehill you cradle us lovingly in your arms,
Guiding us tenderly through the Morning Star.
As we journey up the hill to see our dreams fulfilled,
You are the haven of our youth, Mentor of integrity.

Rosehill Beloved Alma Mater,
May we live by your vision,
To lead and to serve,
Be our lifelong mission.

Lord grant us strength to carry on
In this place we call home.
Fly victorious under your wings,
To lead and to serve is our life-long mission.

We’ll remember Rosehill colors fly…
Mary shine your light on us
Rosehill…Rosehill colors fly gold, red, blue, green
Rosehill…Rosehill our beloved Alma Mater.