Parent Coordinators (PCs) serve as liaison between the school and the parents. They play a prominent role in guiding parents in their respective grade /year level.

As representative of the school, a PC is tasked to inform, educate and integrate the parents in the PAREF Educational philosophy and system. Thus, they should attend meetings, workshops, seminars, etc. organized for them to acquire maximum competence possible and to contribute suggestions, as they deem advisable.

A PC serves as a communication channel, disseminating information regarding school-related matters. It is through the performance of their duties that PCs are able to develop friendships and camaraderie among parents.

As representatives of parents, PCs are tasked to address concerns of parents as far as they are able, and/or to elevate concerns to the school. They facilitate dialogue and /or communication between parents and the school.

Basic Principles for Parent Coordinators

PAREF puts emphasis on working extraordinarily well, no matter how ordinary the task may seem to be. The PCs are expected to live by this ideal. However, family life should not be neglected as a result of great involvement in the organization of school activities.

I. Unity with the PAREF Philosophy

The “Parents first” policy calls upon the parents to actively participate in the continuous formation of their children and of themselves as parents. It is the parent who first educates the child in her growth in virtue.

II. The Practice of Values Upheld by PAREF

A. Diligence and Attention to Details
B. Spirit of Service
C. Sobriety and Temperance
D. Teamwork
E. Sociability

The work of the PCs is one of service and is accepted on a voluntary basis. Special benefits are not granted to the PCs nor any of their children. They serve as instruments of unity between the parents and the school and among the parents of their level.