Child education is, first and foremost, the responsibility of parents. However, on account of personal and professional limitations, parents may entrust a share of this responsibility to professional educators.

The effectiveness of child education depends on a large extent, on the unity of goals and criteria between the home and the school. PAREF Rosehill is committed to providing intellectual and moral formation of the child. And this goal can be achieved best through a close collaboration between parents and teachers, who themselves should be open to a parallel program of formation in order to carry out their joint responsibilities.

The most important involvement of parents in PAREF Rosehill School stems from the sharing of goals and principles of education upon which the school operates. There must be unity in what is asked from the students. Both the school and home must support each other.

The school encourages parents to avail of its extensive program of education provided for them. The program specifically aids them to reflect on how important character education is in forming the child; and that it is always possible for parents to improve in this area.

As such, the school provides many resources to help parents further understand the principles of good parenting by continually strengthening and motivating them to put these principles into practice. Parents can also participate in concrete tasks in support of the school. Students are always happy to see their parents help the school community because it expresses unity and support in a very real way.