Why Choose Us

The school follows the time-tested as well as integrative methods of instruction.

Through this approach, academic learning is connected to real life situations; thus, students use their learning and apply it to their own daily lives. In addition, the cognitive, behavioral and affective dimensions in teaching are considered; values are integrated in instruction across all subject areas.

Rosehill believes that the work of education should address the integral formation of the student to make her realize her potential as a citizen and a daughter of God.

A Rosehill student must recognize the importance of working and studying hard in the development of character and human personality. She should regard academic studies as a good training ground for living in society. In the same manner, she needs to understand the importance of intellectual formation in carrying out her mission in the world.

The student thus contributes to the development of society through work and the responsible use of her freedom. To achieve this, the school implements appropriate academic and non-academic guidelines.