PAREF Rosehill School believes in providing an integral education to the students, which addresses their physical, social, intellectual and spiritual needs. Moreover, it is in a safe and secure learning environment where students discover their identity, hone their talents and develop friendships. It is where they forge their character that started in the home so that they are ready to take on responsibilities to lead and to serve in the community and leave a positive impact on society.

The educational philosophy of PAREF Rosehill School is inspired by the teachings of St. Josemaría Escrívá, who believed that the parents are the primary educators of their children. It is in the family where children primarily learn good habits and develop character traits that mold them into responsible individuals. Thus, the school collaborates with the parents in helping the students in their pursuit of academic excellence and character formation. It is when parents and teachers become partners in the students’ development that education can truly become integral and dynamic.

Goals and Objectives of PAREF Rosehill Basic Education

PAREF Rosehill School aims to help the student in her pursuit of academic excellence and character formation through an integral and transformative education.

In harmony with the School’s Mission/Vision and Educational Philosophy, a PAREF Rosehill Student is expected to:

• Nurture and live by the truths and practices of the Faith.
• Think critically and make decisions that are morally upright.
• Lead and serve others in family, school, and community compassionately and justly.
• Perform assigned tasks responsibly and excellently.
• Communicate and express herself fluently both written and orally.
• Value physical fitness and mental well-being so as to live actively and productively.
• Develop appreciation for truth, beauty, and goodness through the Arts and Humanities.
• Continually grow in a collaborative and creative manner through her interactions with others.
• Find joy in sharing her feminine genius, her talents and resources to bring about positive change.